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Zee Tech Support provides a simple monthly payment to allow you to reduce expenses and focus on your company’s growth. Everything is included in this monthly payment, including the infrastructure, security, hiring and training staff, administration, and employee perks.

What is outsourced customer support?

Outsourcing customer service is contracting an offshore team or individual to perform mostly contact center-related functions. Businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, should consider outsourcing customer service duties since it increases staff retention and customer satisfaction.

With outsourced customer service, you’ll be able to fulfil the constantly changing demands of your clients while also accelerating turnaround times, enhancing output quality, and growing your company.

What job roles you can outsource under customer service?

To improve your customer’s experiences and create prospects for overall business growth, outsourcing gives you the chance to offshore various components of your call centre and customer service.

The most often outsourced job roles that we have observed are as follows:

  • Virtual Receptionists
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Chat Management
  • Appointment Setter
  • Secluding Meetings 
  • Lead Generation
  • Chat Management
  • Handling Social Media Queries

What are the advantages of outsourcing Customer support?

Let’s discuss the benefits of outsourcing customer service now that you know what it entails.

  • The affordability of outsourcing customer service is among its most attractive benefits. According to a recent worldwide outsourcing research by Deloitte, 70% of businesses consider cost reduction as their top priority when considering outsourcing services.
  • The pressure in customer service can be intense. It’s also a very time-consuming endeavour that necessitates continual effort on your part to develop and keep a genuine relationship with your clients. In these situations, outsourcing your customer support can free up a whole lot of your time and money so you can utilize them to the key components of your growth strategy.
  • You have the choice to offer your clients high-quality help when you outsource your customer service, including on weekends and holidays and even around-the-clock if you wish to.
  • Hiring offshore teams can save overhead expenses like office rent. It is no longer necessary to buy extra office space for new employees, offer them extra amenities like a canteen or cafeteria, or buy new furniture and equipment. Your outsourcing partner takes care of everything here.

What are the benefits of hiring Us?


Business Growth

Increase the capacity for your business to take on more work and grow sustainably.

Reduced Cost

Save up to 70% on employment cost and reinvest to foster your business.

24/7 Availabilty

Providing 24/7 availability for better customer retention, improved loyalty and conversion rates.

Interested to know more about outsourcing solutions we can offer for your company?

Zee Tech Support provides companies with a clear competitive advantage with offshore employment options. We take an effort to comprehend the challenges that our clients have while attempting to hire hardworking, devoted employees. Pakistanis are famous for having a diverse set of talent. This is why we are proficient at locating and hiring the greatest employees for our clients.